Mritju — Dimension of Dying

The dimension itself is home to a humanoid species of people all known as Mritju; the placemaking event of origin made both people and location the same, as if one singular entity with many mouths and hearts bound together. Mritju are connected to magic in their own way but yearn for more. Their yearning for change has made them a cold and neon universe, rather than fire and brimstone as some imagine of hellscapes.

Mritju amplify themselves and advance using technology and their sparks of mystical energy to harvest new parts. More mech than flesh and blood, the more advanced in technological upgrades one is, the more popular, powerful and elite they seem. The more flesh and blood one is, well... they're typically the poorest on any planet in mritju.

Mritju is my all means a hellscape dimension; it is an afterlife where those who did not achieve kindness, goodness or balance in their hearts wind up. Only some of Mritju is made of condemned souls on their way toward demonhood, however; a vast majority of Mritju are a humanoid species born and raised in their dimension.

Unlike the christian idea of hell, there are rises in ranks in mritju. Because of this, sin runs rampant: corruption, lust, greed, all of it tangles together. Mritju fuck hard, play hard and spend their money lavishly just for glimpses of happiness before they fade again. As one rises elite ranks of society, they come closer and closer to a peak that seems to promise an escape but really, only turns them into demonic servants to Abaizermit.

Not all in mritju are inherently evil, wicked or even wrong. Most only chose not to act on goodness when presented with the choice and now yearn to become something more, something better. There are always rumors that there are ways to escape this. That, somehow, mritju is only purgatory. Whether that is true or not is yet to be seen as Abaizermit themself is locked into the dimension, so it must exist as some kind of prison in some way.

Monroe's lineage is Mritju as the natural inhabitants of the dimension: that is, he is demon, not spirit being tortured. As the child of Abaizermit, Monroe is heir apparent to the dimension; no other child of Abaizermit is as naturally powerful as Monroe is, nor do they manifest the same advanced levels of reality manipulation.

Sazibari — Dimension of Gentle Kind

Unlike Mrijitu, SaziBari is home to a humanoid species (known as Sazi) whose mysticism is aligned more to the overcoming than the origin. The placemaking event of their universal birth was unimportant; that they conquered the beasts who threatened the planet mattered. In favor, the planet allowed all sazi unique powers, each lineage turning into family lines of power and unique traits.

Through methods of understanding and empathy, the Sazi develop advancement of powers and selves to cultivate various tribes among themselves. Some of the more prevelant species are: Jandis, who conquered Janadonis, The Sharp eyes; Xitru, who conquered Xitryuur, The Nine Sun-Moons; Somniz, who conquered Somudroniz, The Tempest Tail; Ichnari, who conquered Ichnochari, The Dark Sky; and the Osili, who conquered Ostaruili, The Razor Sounds.

Sazi can speak and understand any mode of communication thanks to the nature of their own language. Isminav functions as a mode of coming to understand the nature and true name of any living thing. No sentience is required for this process, meaning they can communicate properly with even rocks, or soil, or machines. It functions similar to the mana of the Whakaora and polynesians of Earth, in a way of seeing and respecting the inner power and energy of all materials.

All sazi follow single leaders in their family, meaning that for all technicalities, Monroe and his siblings are royal blood in their home dimension. Marisa was dismissed from her family however and lays no claim to power over the Jandis. The Xitru do not have single leaders in their lineage as, mostly, Xitru are welcomed into the life of the fox simply for virtue of being dismissed by others.

Though sazi dismiss the idea of bearing children with non-sazi, and refer to hybrid children as a derogatory "zygtru" meaning rotten/decayed, they often mingle with others for pleasure. Because of this, there are plenty of hybrid children through all dimensions with vessels of power but lacking a parent.

Sazi do not have genders, however, or gender identities; the language itself is full of 147 terms for gender instead, as there is versatility. Every sazi can swap genders and either carry children or impregnate another humanoid.

Monroe, Big Dick Attitude

Used to give his toys away to other children because he didn't feel right that he had them and the other kids didn't. Amita would get mad at this but Marisa understood and started to take monroe to do charity. He still, each summer, does some work at whatever orphanages or shelters he can find around and he got Bex involved in the effort with him. He's even been a volunteer Santa a few times — thanks, shapeshifting!

Grew up speaking English mostly, but he is conversational in both Thai and Korean; he is, however, fluent in Spanish thanks to friends, school and — well, his first girlfriend and her family. Though he can use his gifts to channel other languages, Spanish will always be his, learned through and through.

Marisa is something known as an Earth Bassara, with a penchant for forests and nature itself. Her tails are translucent in nature, like a magical chameleon, which is a trait shared with her children. Amita was a facade more akin to a Yellow Dwarf star, though she ranged lower in temperature and brightness to match orange dwarves instead. Through her, both her children fulfill wishes and hopes for others; when you wish upon a star, afterall.

Though Monroe lacks control over his forms, his divine fox always manifests with a pure white coat while his damned fox manifests in fire and brimstone. Monroe himself shift into a marble fox, though slightly larger than average foxes in size.

At 190.5 CM and 79 KG, because of his fox nature, Monroe has to consume massive quantities of a (mostly) carnivorous diet. This hunger forces him to maintain an intake of anywhere between 20 — 27 KG. This means he, for the most part, eats massive meals and the house usually always has something cooking or arriving by delivery. He can offset these quantities in minor ways by maintaining a steady intake of life force, sexual essence and-or enough powerful emotions and aura.

His shadow has his fox ears rather than human ears, and at night it reflects the stars that can be seen in the night sky up above. This makes New York a nicer transition as the overcast nature of the city usually makes it impossible to see the stars and his shadows, for once, almost look normal.

Monroe cannot suffer any foulness of the human condition. No bathroom needs, no gas, no odors. He can't even get drunk properly as, though he indulges and can lose inhibitions and be tipsy, if he gets sick he literally hurls rainbows and an intoxicating mint odor. It's part of the whole body made for rituals and magic thing — he's supernatural and mystical in every way.

His digital slips — the joints beneath each toe — are digital pads — the jelly bean bits of animal feet. Though they still look human thanks to his skin, his feet are excessively better at absorbing shock and rough enough to walk on tough ground without pain. He can do all his excessive leaps and flying without any careful landings this way, and no breakage to his otherwise hollow bones.

Was, briefly, the lead singer of a metalcore band known as 'Fox Tails & Unlucky Charms' in high school. They performed two nights a week and posted covers to Youtube but Monroe got tired of not singing in his real voice. The others formed another band and are off trying to live the dream now.

Favorite singers include but is not limited to: Mondo Cozmo, Halestorm, Bryce Fox, Jay Som, Still Woozy, The Heartless Bastards, Haux, Screaming Females, Myles Cameron and Talos. His real favorite, close to his chest, is Asaf Avidan.

Prefers the Winter and Fall because the insects growing up would overwhelm him the most in the warmer seasons; especially cicadas. New York also makes this better.

Used to dream about doing martial arts for a living, maybe even going into the Olympics. These days it's more about films and television but! He keeps up. He's got 12 years of Taekwondo and 8 years of MMA under his belt; he's taken a few classes in boxing, krav maga, dambe and karate to mix into his movements as well. It's something that he holds onto no matter where he goes or what he's doing, as a way to focus his energy.

With Bex, Monroe took up dancing. It was a fun thing to get through senior year together and it's stuck, hardcore. They're always in some new class together having fun, always trying to expand and get better without really wanting to go professional or anything — it just always, always, feels great to be moving and feeling the music and people together.

The house's music collection and party themes are vast and eclectic. It goes from Monroe's personal rock interests to lots of genre jumping like Blackstreet, Cyndi Lauper, Wild Cherry, Maurice Ravel, Phillip Glass and Galantis. There's secret walk-in closets that house records, antiques, wigs, bondage wear, sex toys and weaponry scattered through the building.

He and his brothers are named after 'blonde bombshells' and sex icons: Brigitte Bardot, Jean Harlow and Marilyn Monroe. This is a strange thing mostly to Harlow — Monroe and Bardot have no problem whatsoever with being a too-hot kinda spirit. He's always ready for his closeup!

Only Monroe has dual penises of all his siblings, but he has learned to shift it away as they all do their tails and ears. The only time they're visible is when the he want them to be, or when he gets knocked completely unconscious by some manner near death. Monroe's size and quantity of all properties seems to be directly tied to his lineage, which means he desperately tries to avoid anything that might add to his wicked quotient.

Thanks to that devil 'blessing', however, Monroe has also overcome his fear of canines that troubles the rest of his kind. In fact, he gets along swell with most dogs, the bigger the better. It's a manner of being able to work through fire stronger than Hell has, and that has made even hellhounds respectful of him now.

Monroe is OCD. He's worked through this as best as he can but his apartment and belongings are almost always immaculate and kept to pristine conditions. Occasionally, when too anxious, he knows he needs to not give into his tendencies however and will walk around with his hair styled badly again. It's what started the mohawk and what still works, to keep his thoughts from going too dark. Just a touch of imperfection.

Does not utilize his beauty gifts unless asked for things like a desire form, or something of the like. Sex is sex and exploring is fun so he has no qualms with that! He does, however, warn everyone that he has sex with about the quality of his come, spit and general flesh, just in case there's an unaccounted for gene for addiction. But he tends to avoid people who have that, awakened or not. This makes his rolladex of partners useful, as he knows they're welcoming of his other-than-human nature.

Never, ever breaks a promise. If he swears to it, it will be done. To break one would weaken Monroe for weeks on end and leave him too vulnerable to desiccation again and he would really rather avoid waking up to drain people to death. So, he may be a demon, but he is not a man who will ever go back on his word.

Bex spoils him, she really does. Money is no object to her and she's given him gifts he couldn't have otherwise. His baby is one of those things, which he upkeeps meticulously both physically and magically. The only thing he's ever been able to stop her from paying for is his food costs. Otherwise, they bicker a bit about who is paying what bills.

Pretty good with a needle and thread — he's always had to make special underwear and adjust pants both physically and mystically to accomodate for his size. Bex and he joke that he's the housewife and she's the bread winner and neither of them gives a fuck about that.

Love, love, loves nicknames. People get called anything he thinks feels right because he has no qualms about it; sweetheart, cupcake, motherfucker, bitch — he uses everything that seems appropriate and fits the moment.

When Bex first arrived, language was odd for her. Her particular use of profanity was especially entertaining and they still use a favorite: "that is very fuck". She still speaks in a awkward or mono tones where most people don't interpret her meaning or intents well, but Monroe translates for her, mostly.

Bex and Monroe create their own drugs for their parties that is equal parts science and magic growth; it affects people only within the vicinity of their home and nowhere else, which helps makes their parties popular. They do not sell any of it and pretend they get it from a unique and unnamed dealer. Each has its own affects and scents, or reactions, but the most popular strain is a hybrid baby nicknamed gold nights.

Their parties typically gather up an attendance of 400 — 800 people, depending on the Saturday. Each of these people pays a five dollar charge to get in and has to confirm beforehand their invitation via text message, but once they pay their entrance fee they are fully immersed in the party and everyone is treated equally. There's only been two fights, ever, at these parties and Monroe quickly ended both of them so most people that hear about them do know they're safe, especially for women. That keeps their attendance high throughout the semesters. Parties at the Grand Street Museum are city-wide famous and sort of recent fables for college kids.

Monroe has a bartending license and he and Bex actually own a liquor license, officially, because Woohyun insisted they do legal things as lawfully as they can. This means no one can even get mad about their parties because they can legally charge for entry, for drinks, or whatever else they need. It might be a little frustrating but, hey, they can cover it. Because of this, their building is, technically, a legal bar owned and operated by Monroe.