every fox, whether demon, immortal or otherwise, manifests tails numbered up to nine. monroe was born with all nine of his tails intact, making him at peak power from the first day of his life. each tail is near 200 cm long but rests coiled at around 180 cm. they shimmer like starlight and change colors often, save for one tail; there is always one black tail, always dark as night though stars glimmer and fall through its shaded fur at times.

every fox also conjures their own kind of fox fire which cultivates the creation and control of fire, light, electricity, and allows the fox to mesmerize, destroy and teleport as they wish. monroe's cosmic nature expands upon this, making his fox-fire a more universal influence, allowing his elements to exist beyond the limitations of natural law. his fire burns without oxygen, his sparks shoot without misdirection.

as foxes, every member of the species is enhanced. while monroe may be more god-like as he has his nine tails, he still falls in line with the basics of their physiology: fangs, claws, good looks and prehensility. though many of his physical traits are altered by his stellar and disposition heritage, monroe mirrors the common nine-tailed bassara rather well.

like others, monroe can influence a wide variety of fields: from nature and pheremones to independent sense and shapeshifting, and magnetism or geomagnetic fields and induction of wishes, insanity or disasters. monroe can even, as any good nine-tail fox may, create unbreakable illusions and make masterful alterations to reality itself.

uniquely, monroe's existence manifested, in all his growing and awkward confusions, the ability to exist in threes: himself, his angel and his devil. each of these sides are still monroe, only leaning more toward his best or worse self; in battle, all three exist, until just one is shot with the god killer which subdues even monroe to force his other aspects to reabsorb into him and bring control to the truth of him. it is because he is still split that he seems mostly a cosmic bassara, rather than all his subdued truths.

GOOD/EVILfox sides
the divine

blessed be

weapon master

babies for sale!

constant cravings

1,000 miles wide

ex nihilo vuples

stellar fox

star-strewn shadows

blue-grey eyes

the stars, the moon

ever-spinning universe

fox fairy

mystical body

essential body parts


absolute healing

managed shape

a golden touch

soaring! flying!

the archdemon

thumb bitten

total takeovers

legions of death

the dreamiest man

bonded for life

intoxicating life

blackhole fox

perfect mimic

the loss of self

mystical knots

a total suck job

sex devil

parts of a devil

addictive self

break-away parts

no magic here

sinful being

mind probes

the ruination

where all fox demons and immortals feed on life force and energy, monroe is elevated unto a kind of meta draining. rather than needing to devour life force or souls, monroe can absorb anything: emotions, concepts, powers, magic, energy, very literally anything — even thoughts. he mostly likes to use this ability to enjoy parties and concerts the most, feeding just a small amount of everyone's high and strong emotions, to sustain himself. he enjoys the taste of pleasure the most, too, which helps with his sex demon ways — the more orgasms he can give you, the more delicious it all is for him.

monroe's canines and incisors are all dangerous weapons, making him a fox who holds eight fangs in his human form. each of these fangs is beyond strong and can tear into any material that has ever been, can be, or will come to be. there is nothing in the world that can break his fangs. the same goes for his claws, which grow to roughly three inches before requiring some kind of energy for extension of their razor sharp ways.

his tongue can split into three different tongues, each of them the flat six inch length of his everyday tongue. this helps to not only work with his supernatural eating ability but to enhance his abnormal fox-nature; he is built of multitudes and they bleed out of him in every way. except, of course, the way it does for living things, as monroe has no need for anything like real digestion. it all burns into energy to sustain him.

is an immortal. as in, totally immortal. he tried to kill himself and all it resulted in was the draining of his energy until he was desiccated. his body ended up reacting to the first other body to touch him, starting a feeding that was... worth never trying again. he doesn't die, he simply looks dead and is forced, then, to feed on others until their death so he can restore himself. without it, he is permanently dead-seeming — and awake through the agony of a body trying to live without the power to.

though monroe's creation capability is insanely vast its most useful trick is to create from himself by a means that mirrors creating new body parts. that is, he can remove and utilize parts of his body such as giving away a tail or a fang himself only to have it regrow. it's made him a good friend to a few witches in his day.

monroe manifested devil sides of himself, which resulted in the enhancement of his already supernatural sex. that is: he has two penises, both roughly 88 CM in length, which he has since magically returned to his natural (for a transfixing bassara) super size. 16 CM flaccid with a 12 CM girth, he cannot grow any smaller than 20 CM hard and maintains around 30 CM in length and 24 CM in girth. the veins of his length, the shape and curve of it, are all optimul to provide absolute pleasure to his partners, at the least; he is a devil meant to entice others with addictive pleaure. monroe's size grew, and can continue to should his devil gain more power, only because of his parent's natural tentacle affinity.

SAZI/MRITJUa kind death
The Sazi are humanoid entities whose dimension allows them spiritual adaptation and understanding in order to manifest multitudes of power. Each family of Sazi are aligned with a specific core of power they conquered at the beginning of time. Marissa was, upon birth, a Jandis leader — descendent of the first Sazi to conquer the cosmic beast Janadois, of The Sharp eyes; they are even now more aligned to elves and considered among their species, though the Jandis would never consider themselves so beneath. Upon her rape and abandonment by her people, for not wanting to destroy the baby, Marissa was welcomed into power as a Xitru instead and has, as such, lived and learned to this day. Thanks to the condition of her endless power, Marrisa's will overcame the devil of her children and allowed them to exist with their own decisions more than should have been — except in the case of Monroe, who has manifested the only truly devil gifts of his bloodline. But his identity, and power, is complicated beyond measure. still both god and demon like other bassara and yet, given the reigns of control that only the true lords of good and evil can grip.

The truth of the matter is that while Monroe's Xitru side allows him to live as a bassara day to day, his core reality is something more aligned with a Prince of Hell; that is, Monroe is the child of a Satanic type through his Parent. The complication is simplified as: Monroe's mother exists as a transitionary adaptor whose vessel tends to overwhelm the essence within. Therefore, her child is of this variety: a vessel of Sazi whose soul is Satanic. Already more powerful than Abaizermit when fully fed, Monroe has the possibility to exist in total control over all his tremendous gifts and achieve a kind of redeemed fallen status leveling him into the upper echelons of all creation.

As for being a Mritju, things are different. Monroe's parent, who only posed as Amita, the Stellar Fae, is more commonly known as Lucifer, Satan, The Devil or — a true name: Abaizermit (The One Beneath). Referred to by Marissa and her people as Zazhaai, Abaizermit is the most powerful entity from their own dimension, Mritju, which is also the word to refer to any peoples of Mritju. On brief visits to other realms, Abaizermit manifests as whatever ultimate evil they can mimic, as their powers are beyond the capacity to measure or speak of. Their desire with Marissa was simple: to bear children who could, like other Sazi, adapt to dimensions and planets whole and full so that they could, themselves, take over their child one day and be in new dimensions totally; like this, they could expand their power and take over all realities.

abaizermit is the incarnation of evil in Mritju, which makes them capable of manifesting as any kind of devil they so wish to for short periods of time; abaizermit cannot exist away, fully, from Mritju for longer than an hour or two when trying to manifest their full power; it is because of this that amita was useful, a vessel for a portion of them just to plant a seed of evil in their children's souls to see if it could come to harvest. though abaizermit has an endless possibility of forms, they have a select few that they favors beyond all others: javaxie (hell devil), jmekxie (an earth devil), kizilnik (red dragon), taivanik (celestial dragon), araazev (great beast). And, finally, a "true" form, termkratj (the end) which seems to be the most adjusted rather than that which they were born into life as — though abaizermit was certainly born like a chthonic chtulu entity.

the nature of his parentage gives monroe a variety of yet undiscovered or only commonly graced upon, rather than consciously in control of, gifts. they are as follows:

DIVINE DEVILwannabe hero
triple triad

the divine / the devil

the fox / the man

virtue / sins

inari / satan

driven snow / an advocate

the Empyrean / ninth circle

heart made whole

fox dragon


child of power

the endless one

tiny truths revealed

if ever capable of bridging the gaps between his triple nature, monroe would access all his gifts all of the time, making him a supreme entity who can command and rule over all forms of angels and demons wherever he so goes. all his abilities would be amplified, and he would exist as his truth: a three headed nine tails, the myth who actually harnesses 27 tales in total and the most power of any bassara.

at the point of cultivation in total, monroe would access beyond the space-time continuum to manipulate the fifth dimension directly: all time, all space, all matter and the higher dimension itself which allows monroe access to dimensional manipulation even against lords of individual landscapes. he would be directly beneath conceptual beings in this regard, an apex.